Dr Don Acton is WNC’s most experienced chiropractor having seen over 500,000 patient visits since 1979. Most of our patients have seen at least 2-3 other doctors for the same problem before coming to our office. About 10-15% have had previous spinal surgery. Dr. Acton believes his job is to find out what’s causing your problem and then show you what you need. However; YOU are always the boss and he will gladly give you what you want.

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What Our Patients Say

"Ever since I’ve been coming to get adjusted I’ve seen a real, real, real big improvement. I hardly have any pain or stiffness at all now! I would recommend him to anybody!"

"I had a very bad migraine headache that day, and he explained to me what he was doing for my mom and he wanted to check me out. I listened to the explanation; he knew exactly where the pain was at in my back and has now cured my migraines by 90% and I think that is excellent!"

"Doctor Acton has done wonders on my legs, my hips, my back, everywhere! He has just done a fantastic job and I’d like to praise him for it!"

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