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Asheville NC's Premier Chiropractor

Welcome to Acton Family Chiropractic located at 789 Patton Ave (Unit 101) in Asheville, NC. Dr. Donald Acton and his team have been serving WNC patients since 1979.

Dr. Acton has performed over 500,000 adjustments, been the chiropractor for Olympic medalists, coached over 120 top chiropractors in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, and been asked to teach health and wellness around the globe. He also serves on the board of the Carolina Chiropractors Association.

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Meet The Team

Donald Acton

Donald Acton D.C., F.I.C.A


Joanie Acton

Joanie Acton


Carlie Willet

Carlie Willet


Finn and Aleks

Finn & Aleks


Acton Family About Us

Dr. Acton, his son, and grandson

Our Story

Acton Family Chiropractic was established in 1979 by Dr. Donald Acton. He had witnessed the miracles of Chiropractic from a very early age after seeing his Mother and Grandmother recover from serious spinal problems. His Mother took his entire family to be checked for nerve stress when he was 7 and by age 12 he knew he wanted to become a chiropractor and help other people who were suffering and were looking for an answer that didn't include taking drugs or having surgery.

Dr. Acton grew up in a very small town in North Central Indiana surrounded by corn fields and people who loved basketball. Life was good, and people were kind but he knew he had the ability to help people (who had a spine and were still breathing) anywhere on the planet. But after traveling extensively he knew he wanted to live in the mountains in the Southeast. Asheville NC already had a road name “Acton Circle” and he felt it was predetermined to go there.

After his practice took off quickly, he needed more space and decided to move to a location that was easily accessible for the entire county. In 1982 he purchased, remodeled, and expanded an existing building at 789 Patton Ave.

The location is the second busiest street in the state of North Carolina and is right off I-240. The office is a free-standing building with a Read-A-Board sign, just .2 of a mile past the entrance to Sam's Club as you head West on Patton Ave. Our friendly office dogs will greet you when you arrive.

What Sets Us Apart

✅ 44 years’ experience as a practitioner, 65 years’ experience as a chiropractic patient (adjusted by hundreds of different docs) and student of health.

✅ We will evaluate to find THE CAUSE of your symptoms then educate YOU on what YOU can do to help or what YOU shouldn’t be doing.

✅ Most New Patients have been to 2-3 other doctors with the same problem and 10-15% have had previous spinal surgery/surgeries.

✅ Lifetime athlete who can adjust any joint (ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder, elbow etc).

✅ NO CHARGE Consultation to determine if you have a problem we feel we can help.

✅ We NEVER treat a new patient for longer than 2 weeks if you are not getting SIGNIFICANT RESULTS.

✅ Our goal is to offer the best Chiropractic care in the most effective, efficient, and affordable manner possible. We are a CASH PRACTICE and are NOT beholden to any INSURANCE companies.

✅ God is the great physician (The Power that made the body is The Power that heals the body) We merely find and remove interference.

✅ You will have access to Dr. Acton’s personal contact info to get answers to your questions.

✅ You will receive a detailed written report of the Doctor's findings.

✅ Time is valuable to our patients…We will make what time patients spend in our office convenient and efficient.

✅ We establish and maintain a professional and cordial relationship with all health practitioners for the good of our patients…and work with those other health care providers whenever indicated.

✅ Get better quicker, stay healthier longer, and avoid setbacks with our VIDEO SERIES.

✅ Convenient Central location on Patton Ave near Sam's Club.

✅ Our friendly office dogs (Finn & Aleks) will greet you when you arrive.

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